SNES games still missing that you want covered?

Last updated on 10 years ago
Good news after 2 days of recording... Spawn is complete
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Also, Romancing SaGa 3 would be great, though I don't know if that's your usual sort of game.
There's like 3 Romance Saga games for SNES so I'll check and see if the previous 2 were done.
I would love to see LP's of Ganbare Goemon 2-3. Ganbare Goemon 1 is already here, but the US release "The Legend of the Mystical Ninja". But the sequels sadly is not, probably since there's no translation for them. Still, since I love the first one, and still 20 years later have the original Jap release proudly presented in my bookshelf, I would love to see someone do LP's of the other GG games ^_^
Yes I believe I will be able to do the 3 other Goemon games since they're unique... also more titles that will go to the list

Meanwhile I will now be focusing on Soul Blazer for the next one to be uploaded from me.
hey guys, big fan of what you do here. I watch your videos all the time.

I saw this thread and figured I'd make a post. I'd love to see Super Adventure Island II done if you guys ever get around do it. I'm sure there's tons going on.

Keep on rockin guys! You're doing great!
No hurries Tarosan, just nice to hear that your interested in doing the games.
Until then I'll be looking forward to seeing your LP of Soul Blazer ^_^
Well there's a slight change in plan... The Soul Blazer LP is now a no hit run.
Killer instinct
Oh now Killer Instinct would be a great choice for an LP
dont worry im always on duty.
So update on Soul Blazer:

3 Levels done, still not been hit
Tarosan, about your post regarding the Romancing SaGa games on page 3 (ugh couldn't find the quote option, bear with me):

Romancing SaGa 3 is pretty much fully translated and playable in english without any problems.

Romancing SaGa 2 has some translation projects going, but I have yet to hear of one that is finished.

And Romancing SaGa 1, well I must admit I know nothing of any translations for this. I think I saw screenshots but those might as well have been mock-ups.

It's a shame since I would really love to see RS2 be done. Many say it's the best of the three.
As I said I will get to the Romance Saga when I get the chance... mind you I'm working on that no hit Longplay of Soul Blazer.
about that romancing saga, you mean the snes version or the ps2
I think he means the SNES version Valis
The untranslated one is the SNES one, yeah.

It did receive that remake which was fully localized for the US and is apparently really really damn true to the original, and pretty much only improves upon it. And it being localized I guess RS1 did get a translation if you wanna look at it like that.

It's a real shame about the originals though, RS3 is one of my favorite SNES RPGs and I would have loved to play its predecessors. The damn language barrier has prevented me from playing so many SNES RPGs.
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