DS emulator vs real ds

Last updated on 10 years ago
This may be a weird topic.

I just got my DSi XL and someCastlevania games.
Now the first thing i noticed is that it you can see pixels on the screen even if you have view at it at a good distance.

Now for clour accuracy and Black level they are of course not as good as if you would play them on a calibrated monitor/TV.

My Question is that after seeing a Longplay of Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, the best way in terms of graphics is to play on an emulator?
I mean it is a little blurred on the emulator i give you that. However you get rid of tiny pixilation becasue of the blur.

What do you guys think?

Do you prefer to play games on a "real" DS or rather on an emulator ( with good speed )
27 hits, you guys have no opinion? ( no offense )
nothing like the real thing.
If I wanted to buy,play and enjoy ds games, id want them on the real console. Emulation is just for a quick fix or look at some games as a curiosity. Emulation is best for recording games of course (Assuming current emulators are accurate).
I played most of the Castlevanias on emulator but then I suddenly bought DS lite and must say I will not use emulator for DS ever again. Only for recording!!!

If you enjoy DS and GBA games DS lite is a MUST!!!
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