X-COM Series

Last updated on 9 years ago
I was thinking people could do PC and PSX longplays of various X-COM games:
X-COM: UFO Defense/UFO: Enemy Unknown (PC collector/gold edition and PSX)
X-COM: Terror from the Deep (PC collector/gold edition and PSX)
X-COM: Apocalypse
X-COM: Interceptor
X-COM: Enforcer
X-COM: Enemy Unknown (PC/PS3/Xbox 360), let no country leave the council [already done by boneofhead]
X-COM: Enemy Within (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)
I'd also like to see them
and i third that motion
I'll consider doing the original X-Com game again.
They are very difficult though...
Just do it without losing a soldier on the first ground mission in each game. I would like to see the collector's edition of XCOM: UFO Defense and XCOM: Terror From the Deep done.

Tip: in UFO Defense, go for lasers first then use laser pistols initially. What laser pistols lack in accuracy make up for power, no ammunition, and autofire. They are good until the research of laser rifles. Also equip interceptors with avalanche missiles initially and forget about heavy cannons and standard pistols. Purchase electro flares and stun rods for skyranger and be sure to build a large radar system then sell the small radar system upon completion.
Perhaps someone could do X-COM UFO Defense/UFO: Enemy Unknown with OpenXcom, a downloadable open-souce clone of the game that has a lot of changes, many of which are optional. Some of the main changes are the soldier sprites on the battlescape matching that of inventory screen, small radar system is no longer obsolete with large radar system as it scans as well, terror missions will have both male and female civilians on site, and soldiers can force fire weapons by holding Ctrl and shooting, even when the target is out of sight (best used with auto shot). Some of the optional changes include range-based accuracy, ability to force launch aircraft before repairs, rearming, and refueling is complete, and ordering a move will highlight tiles on the pathway, coloring them according to being able to move there.
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