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Hello everyone, I have been a fan of longplays for a very long time. I like to watch longplays even of games I have long since beaten into a pulp, and games I have just discovered. There is just something about watching someone play games, especially games from my childhood (im in my 30s).

I find myself with more free time these days, and I am considering creating some longplays myself. I am experienced in creating videos and all the technical details, I just need to find a game that I am skilled/familiar enough with to be able to complete in a not embarrassing way. One question: I see the requests forum, but what if there is a game I would like to LP and I see no request for? What exactly is the procedure for setting out to make an LP for something that is not explicitly being requested?

I want to do a run of the Duel campaign from Cyborg Justice for the Sega Genesis. It was one of my all time favorites from the 16 bit era and I would love to pay some homage to it. There is already a run of the primary game campaign from JagofTroy but you guys do not have one of the duel mode (its like a gladiatorial mode, where you progress up to the arena champion which is like the final boss). I want to LP this and I would enjoy myself immensely but I am not really sure if thats something anyone cares about or wants to see.

I hope I am putting this in the right place!
Well generally you can record any game, there is no need for any request, just be sure there is no longplay of it done already (or you can make one if you think you can show something in the game that was not in the previous lp, but you have to talk more with the admins about that).

And if you record with emulators, you can always use savestates, and if you die in the game or something, you can load a save and the emulator automatically cuts that part for you. Come to the irc chat, there are people there that know more about these things, they will explain to you better ;)
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