Ouya Review

Last updated on 11 years ago
The Ouya is an interesting console. It's different than most consoles in that it doesn't have a disc drive of any sort. It's able to take up considerably less space than most consoles because of that. It's lightweight and you can take it anywhere without much trouble, unlike current consoles.

The controllers are a different shape than most, but not by much, they aren't awkward to hold at all. There are unique things about the controller such as metal face-plates for the handles (not sure what to call them). The face-plates are removable for AA batteries to be inserted, and allegedly changeable for a variety of different looking ones in the future. I like them because they pleasantly cool your hands at first because of the cold metal. There is a touchpad, but I haven't run into many games that make it mandatory to use, you can still use it for some though. It's still early in the console's lifespan, so the touchpad could still be useful later when the console is available to the public.

The games that are available right now are of a wide genre, a few are still incomplete (betas / demos), but they'll be updated later. There are games that are available that already existed in some form before the Ouya came out, like The Giana Sisters was on C-64, and an HD remake of Final Fantasy III. There are a hundred games if not more by now, but even if you don't find anything you like, you can always look to the past. There are NES and SNES emulators that work very well, so you have tons of games you can play for free if you have ROMS or download ROMS for them. There's an N64 one, but that isn't working well for me. Maybe I downloaded bad roms, but I doubt it. Still being worked on. For those of you who like Twitch (a site that lets you watch live streams of people playing games) prepare to be disappointed, they give you limited options, and no real features at all (no login, no search, no nothing). Still a work in progress hopefully. In the same room multiplayer is possible, haven't tried it yet as I don't have friends in my area.

In short, it's a pretty decent console, it just has a problem with the early lifespan sort of thing like a bunch of consoles first do. If you want to know more, or I've forgotten to mention something, let me know.
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