[Howto] Submitting a Longplay

Last updated on 11 years ago
Submitting a Longplay to the Site

Once you have logged in and want to submit a recording to the site, first check the relevant game section to check the game has not been recorded already and if not, press the Submission Status link on your Navigation Panel.

On this screen, you can check if anybody else is currently recording the game you want to submit. If not, you can enter the name of the game you are recording and what system it is on at the top of the page.


You can revisit this screen to change the status of your recording between Recording/Encoding and Uploading, to make it clear at what stage you submission is at.

Uploading your Longplay
When you ready to upload your longplay, log into the Longplays ftp and save your longplay there. Login details and file requirements in a separate faq here:-
Upload Submission FAQ

Completing the Submission
Once you file is uploaded, Log in and goto the Submission Status page and set your game to 'Uploaded'. You will then be taken to a screen where you can add details about your video.


Here you should enter a description of the video. This can include information on the original developer s of the game, what your showing in the video, any special settings, your thoughts on your run on the game or about the game itself. You must also submit a screen shot in either png or jpg upto 1mb in size. Set the game system you are recording from (snes/Gameboy/32x/ps1 ect...). Also set the video length in 24hour format 00:00:00 (Hours : Mins : Seconds) and you can add the name of a second player if required which should be their account name on this site.

Also important is the filesize. Its not clear on the submission page, but it should represent the total bytes of your video. Example:-

1,179,934,720 is total bytes on disk shown by windows file properties. it should be entered on the site as 1179934720. 1090mb or 1.09gb is not acceptable either.

Submission Completed
For now, your work is done. Your submission will be visible to an Admin who will verify your video and update the status accordingly. You will be shown if the video has been accepted or not and a reason will be listed. If it is approved you see a note of when it will appear on YouTube. If rejected you should seek out an Admin in the forums or on our IRC Chat channel.
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