Feel like I shoulda been born so much earlier...

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Hey, I'm Cameron (and yeah, that is my real name.)

I was born in 1996, quite a bit after most of the games I find myself playing today. Y'see, when other kids my age were raised on Playstation 2's and XBoxes, I was raised on the good ol' Super Nintendo. We actually had a PS2 in the house, but I took much much more of a liking to my dad's SNES, which eventually became mine thanks to my play and love for it.

Now, those days have passed, with my SNES and its games long lost in some storage place somewhere. I now have to suffice with emulators, which are great, but they don't capture the essence of me getting home from school to fire up a good game of Killer Instinct, or Donkey Kong Country, Super Castlevania IV...I could go on for days.

So yeah, with what retro gaming has done for me, let's see if I can't give a little back, at least to you guys.
Hello new man. I was born in 1995, we can almost share a lot in common, cause I was born late '95 (Dec.).

Compared to you I was a Sony family with Nintnedo handhelds... and well it's still the same, I respect more on classic and it seems you do to, welcome to the world of the longplays and enjoy your stay.
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I was born in late 2001 (Nov.) I grew up in a family of game collectors as far back as even the Odyssey so I've gotten a taste of almost if not all systems and platforms to ever come out.
The Dragon Princess is on the prowl.
hi guys and welcome to the WoLP! I was born in Puerto Rico in 1977 and I grew up in the Atari 2600 and NES era and so on. I love video games especialy retro ones! My codename is Boricuaretrogamer.
Why? Because Boricua it means Puerto Rican and retrogamer because I love old video games! :D
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