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Hi, I'm JadedZerg as as the name implies I've been playing starcraft and rts games for a long time. I was inspired by Parazzing's Spacequest 6 longplay and thought I should do one of my favorite game.

Currently I've switched back to playing 1v1 broodwar from playing SC2 since WoL beta. I just lost interest in the game and the way it is played (it was a lot of build blob -> throw blob at enemies blob, in my opinion). Currently I have been playing broodwar again for about 1 month and am currently around D+ level on ICCUP(A community server featuring lan latency and a better ladder than bnet, D+ is probably about average or slightly below average.)

At any rate my broodwar longplay is underway now and should be finished today, then encoding should take a few hours, and THEN uploading which will take a few years(150kbps upload). The whole playthrough of all three races (including secret mission) should be about 9-10 hours long and once it's done I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be a good (as well as interesting) addition to your fine community here.

Also: thanks to Frederikct112 for letting me do Broodwar despite him already laying claim to it <3 He'll be picking up the SC2 series though I think :)
Welcome to the site, and also welcome addition to the library of games
Sic Parvis Magna
JadedZerg please visit our IRC chat!
Welcome to this site.
Welcome to World of Longplays JadedZerg, visit our chat, know our friends and learn more about this great art called longplay. ;)
JadedZerg welcome man! And thank you for join the best gaming comunity in the whole wide world: Longplays.org

Feel free to visit my channel:
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