Sweet Home (Famicom)

Last updated on 9 years ago
Been a big fan of the site for a while now.

I'm not sure what the qualifications are for import titles that never got a U.S. release, but this is one of the games released exclusively in Japan on the Famicom that I would love to see get the 'WoL' treatment. And it has a great fan-translated English version on the Internet.

If someone could take this survival horror classic from Capcom, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Here are a couple of sub-requests for the longplay that I would greatly appreciate, but I'm not gonna complain if they don't happen.

1. Use the default names for the characters if it's not a bother.

2. Given that this is a longplay, which I prefer for how they go more in-depth into the games as opposed to speedruns and the like, I'd prefer for all the things that can be interacted with (bloody messages, skeletons, notes lying around, etc.) to be included.

Sorry. That was more of a mouthful than I intended.

So, would someone be up to playing this Famicom classic? :)

And if so, please play the English version. Can't read Japanese.
Edit: Well, I seem to have come across some longplays of Japan-only titles, so that covers my question that I asked in this post.

Now to just wait for a longplayer who's interested in going through this retro Capcom gem.
Would you rather have the fan translation you mentioned or the original Japanese?
I would prefer the English fan translation if possible. I can't read much Japanese.

BTW, I forgot to mention this in my original post, but I'd also prefer all the player characters survived the whole game...but like the other two sub-requests, I'm not calling it a must.
I know I have a whole thread dedicated to my requests now, but what I have to ask is specific to this particular game.

Would it be fine for me to post a link to the fan translated version for anyone willing to give this one a try?

I ask because some forums have rules against such things, and I don't want to break any rules on accident. A 'yes' or a 'no' will be fine.

It's pretty easy to find either way. Fans of Retro, JRPGs, and Survival Horror (not necessarily all three at once) are encouraged.


Ironsharp wrote:

Would you rather have the fan translation you mentioned or the original Japanese?

Just curious, but are you interested in longplaying this particular game?

It's a great horror game and actually served as the mold for the modern survival horror genre despite being Japanese-only at release.
This will likely be my last post on this particular thread for the game. If nothing comes of it, I suppose I'll just have to hope that someone with an interest in this cult classic finds the site and longplays it someday.

This is just a small screen of the box.


I've said it already, but fans of JRPGs and Survival Horror (or even just the former) alike find the game quite fun and it was certainly an innovation of its time. Many SH conventions were actually originally birthed in this game. (Beware of permanent death, though)

BTW, the English fan translation (this was Famicom-only and was never translated) was done by Gaijin Productions and can be found on Emuparadise for any who are interested.

Again, final post on this thread. I will continue to update my requests thread, of course.
Is this what your looking for?
That's the one. :)

I've yet to find a fully satisfactory playthrough, though.
Thank you! :)
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