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I still get the odd private message asking how to watch the 3D videos provided on this website so I'm writing this short post to sum it all up. I have recorded all the 3D games for the Master system Sega-Scope 3-D and Nintendo Famicom 3D. I have updated the videos several ties to improve compatibility and quality so you may want to check if you have a current recording. Also provided are recordings and most Virtual Boy games. For the master system, 2 recordings of some games have been provided if the game supports both PSg and FM sound. Also provided are recordings and most Virtual Boy games.

The 3D videos are provided in Side by Side format (Cross-eye compatible) and have in the case of the famicom 3D and segascope 3D been converted from frame sequential 3D. If you download the 3D versions to play on your pc then you can use Stero Scopic player to playback the files in a variety of formats including classic red-blue (amongst other combinations) Anaglyph You can download Stereoscopic player from .

Another method is to use the 3D viewing software that comes with your 3D screen such as Tridef Mediaplayer or nVidia 3D-Vision player. To view on a 3DTV such as the LG Cinema Passive 3D, you can use any media player in fullscreen mode and set the TV to detect Side by Side 3D format. You will likely need to adjust the 3D controls to reduce ghosting and help you to focus on the image. As an example on the LG Passive TV/Monitor TM2792s, the 3D Depth and Viewpoint look best when set to maximum.

You can also watch the 3D longplays on YouTube. Youtube has a handy button (COG Icon) that allows you to choose how the 3D image is displays to suit your screen. Again you can view in side by side view in fullscreen, and let the TV/Monitor do the work. or you can select from a verity of 3D formats to suit your screen.

You can also set to view in classic red/blue Anaglyph or even 'No Glasses!'. In No glasses mode, you need to cross your eyes to line up the two images into one. The effect is really nice once you get focused right, but I wouldn't recommend watching a 3d video in one sitting this way. Of course you can disable 3D as well, and watch in good ole fashioned 2D, so thanks to youtube everyone is a winner and can view the video how they please.

One last thing. Very occassionaly the left/Right frame order might swap. Its not that easy to find where these occue when converting the 3D formats but I have tried to minimise them. Just be aware it happens and make use of the Swap Left/Right function in youtube or your 3d screen when needed.

Master System 3D Games:-
Blade Eagle 3-D
OutRun 3-D
Poseidon Wars 3-D
Line of Fire
Missile Defence 3-D
Maze Hunter 3-D
Space Harrier 3-D
Zaxxon 3-D

Famicom 3D Games:-
JJ Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2
Cosmic Epsilon
Highway Star (Rad Racer)
Famicom Grandprix II: 3D Hot Rally
Attack Animal Gakuen
Tobidase Daisakusen (3D World Runner) Hasn't been recorded as although its frame sequential, it forces anaglyph and the effect doesn't really work that well this way so I haven't provided the video here.

SNES 3D Games:
Hyperzone. An oddity this one. It contained a prototype built in frame sequential 3D mode although as far as I know, no glasses for the snes were ever sold.

Virtual Boy Games:-
Nearly all the Virtual boy games have been provided in 3D in all there burning red glory!
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