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Boss Rush Mode
Hello World of Longplays! I am a YouTuber that goes by the name Boss Rush Mode and I occasionally post video game music podcast videos.

I spoke with someone in your websites chat a couple weeks ago about putting footage from this site in my video game music podcast videos. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly who I spoke to, but they told me that I could do so as long as I give credit to World of Longplays and the gameplayers of the respective videos. They also said to send my videos link to the website and your YouTube when it goes online, so here it is!

VG Tunes episode 30 -

I wasn't exactly sure where on this website I was supposed to leave the link. I'm sure if there is an issue a Mod will let me know and I will comply with whatever needs to be done :)

If there are any other issues with this please let me know!

Thank you!

EDIT: Link to VG Tunes episode 31 -
VG Tunes 32 -
VG Tunes 33 -
VG Tunes 34 -
VG Tunes 35 -
VG Tunes 36 -
VG Tunes 38 -
VG Tunes 40 -
VG Tunes 41 -

I also have a more standard format style podcast called "Retro Ridoctopus" that I have incorporated video footage into.

Retro Ridoctopus episode 4:

"AuraCade" is another set of videos I have featuring WoL material. It is a video series of video game soundscapes meant to replicate the sound of being in an arcade. I use just the audio, but each player is still credited and the source videos are linked in the respective AuraCade video descriptions.

AuraCade Vol. 1 -

If there is a different way you want me to inform you of videos I make with WoL footage please let me know, otherwise I will just update and edit this entry. Thanks again!
Alex Kidd
Great job with the video game tunes, I subscribe to your channel, keep it up man! :)
- Alex Kidd
"Do i really have to graduate, or can i just stay here for the rest of my life ?"
Boss Rush Mode
Thanks Alex Kidd! Glad you're enjoying the show! :)
Alex Kidd
Anytime! :)
- Alex Kidd
"Do i really have to graduate, or can i just stay here for the rest of my life ?"
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