Looking for an arcade game that resembled a mix of road rash and final fight

Last updated on 9 years ago
Some 20 years ago, I played an arcade game that played like a crossover of road rash and final fight. Here is what I remember:
It had two player co-op. Each player could select a character, like one on a motocross bike or another on a quad. Each has a specific weapon like spear or sledgehammer. When the game started, it looked like road rash, but the gameplay was less driving more like a beat em up. I remember the first boss fight. A guy standing on a truck trailer, throwing stuff at you. You had to smash up the trailer to reach the boss, then beat him up.

Does anybody remember that games name and is there a longplay available?
Need more info :)
Did you try looking trhough the Mame Screenshot library?
Hey, thanks for the reply!

I looked through all MAME screenshots here:

I also checked all games from 1990-1996:

Still no luck :-(

I found a game with similar gameplay, it's called "Riding Fight":
-The main difference is that I'm looking for motorcycles instead of the hoverboard and a less futuristic setting.
Gameplay had more action too, at least from my memory.

I originally thought it was a NeoGeo game, because I remember a three game cabinet with tilting screen. Ninja Commando, some shoot em up and the game I'm looking for was selectable. But this may be a false memory, I have...
Ok, I finally found closure.
The game was "Cycle Warriors"
Here is a short YT video:
I might longplay it :)
I could never beat it, so a longplay would be great. -Specially in the usual WoL quality :)
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