Enable Video Comments.

Last updated on 8 years ago
For the attention of 'Admin'

Is it possible to quickly go through the site database and enable Comments for All videos? I have been going through a few sections one video at a time, but it will take a life time to check them all this way.

Also, can the default settings of allowing Comments and rating be enabled by default please when completing a video submission.

Also, The recent Comments viewer on the front page could do with listing the game being commented on as well please.

Thx ;)
I second that. Comments and ratings for all longplays should be enabled. And the comments viewer should have either a scroll function or an archive link (like in the Shoutbox) or both.
I'm for a "rating" system, at least for here. And then adding an option to sort by rank. Maybe keep it simple (1-5) with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest based on whether we liked it or not.
Yes I could go through the DB and do that if not already done. I have edited the submission file so that comments / ratings are now on as default.

I have also looked into changing the comments thing before but with little luck due to the way its done although it's only a plugin so there could be better ones that already do this!
Ratings and comments are now enabled for all previously posted longplays. If you notice anything of the two missing from a longplay's page, leave a comment about it at the respective page, or in the Shoutbox.
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