Request: Silent Hill games.

Last updated on 13 years ago
Anyone is able to do all the Silent Hill games as longplay? There are 6 games out now.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Homecoming

Thanks a lot. Doesn't mather which difficulty, and perhaps add all possible endings after the game has been finished. Also the scene where you save Sybil in Silent Hill 1.
that would be awesome. i love seeing them played through. and still havent seen a couple of them
I started working on SH2 this week. Can't say when it's gonna be done, but I'd say it will take me about a month. I'm playing the Director's Cut on lowest difficulty.
oh!! oh!!
double thumbs up to anyone who'll make this possible...
thank in advance...
....btw ive finished the first silent hill but unfortunately its not a good longplay....
Claudio :-D
Ok, I officially have to resign on my SH2 run, at least the PC version. It's so buggy and crashy during the recording, that it's really a pain in the ass when things don't work as they should. After a few minutes of recording it goes out of sync and before each save I have to hope that the game doesn't crash. Also my pc seems to be unable to handle recording and playing during cutscenes because it crashes frequently and is out of sync almost all the time.

I'm sorry, but I can't finnish the run this way. I'll try to get it on ps2 and record it via dvd-recorder directly off the screen, but I'm not sure if I can get that version. Anyway, i'll try my best and post my progress here.
I would love to see them also silent hill games are the most creepy games i played alone in my room with lights out hehe!


I just signed up :) my friend told me about this place some time ago and I love the idea of longplays. Anywho, cutting to the chase...

I have just finished my Silent Hill 2 longplay. The first have is executed rather well, contains extra documents and things worth noting to read. The 2nd have was a bit sloppy in places, however this didn't result in huge amounts of time being added on. Some mistakes were made deliberately to add tension and put you in the shoes of this guy James .

I am gonna be uploading this once the encoding is done :)
So .MP4 with H264 codec, AAC @ 64kbps stereo, around 640x480 with some cropping, 30fps. If any of that is wrong let me know because I am really pushing to upload this soon on my poop 288kb/s upload speed, and seeing as this is going to be DVD sized it will take a long time and I don't wanna screw up the encode.
Yeah that sounds good. For the audio though I might use a variable bitrate. I don't know what program you use but mine would be "variable bitrate (Q=0.1) But it doesnt matter really it would just help a lot with the file size is the movie was huuuge.
This is a game I feel requires a reasonable viewing quality due to most of the game being played in dark environments or in cases without the flashlight. The revised length of the file is going to be around just under 5 hours including all easter eggs, documents, cutscenes, exploringy bits etc. so I am hoping to submit a 1.5-1.9GB file.
Cool! when will it be updated on longplays?
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