Promote enabling subtitles for all LongPlays

Last updated on 8 years ago
I have come across a few videos that have had some major problems so I would like to suggest that there be some additions made to the requirements of standards for future uploads of longplays. I know using default settings is highly encouraged on the how-to sections of the forums but I would like to offer a differentiating opinioning on this as in many games the default sound settings are not in any way optimal for the best viewing (or even playing, for that matter) experience. So before anyone starts the humongous task of recording a 3+ hour video of the game, I would highly recommend playing around in the game for a while and adjusting the volume levels of sound effects, music and dialogue to proper levels in proportion to each other as these cannot be controlled by the viewer in retrospec. Some videos have had the music track waaayy too loud in comparison to the dialogue and because of this the dialogue is unintelligable. Sometimes this is, of course, just a product of a poor recording on the voice over engineers part during game develpoment, but in order to conquer these problems I would like to encourage a standard that promotes always enabling full subtitles for the game, even if they are turned off by default. Thoughts?
thanks for the suggestions! Maybe you can ask that to the admins. That would be a great idea!
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