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Hi there! I'm very happy to subscribe in this amazing channel!
I have some requests to do:

Arcade: Tough Turf, Puchi Carat, Virtua Striker, Virtua Striker 2, Virtua Racing, Sega Rally 2 (o for Dreamcast),Pitfall 2, Rambo 3, Teddy Boy Blues, Time Pilot, Rock N Rage, Mutant Fighter, Crystal Kings, Ace Driver, SCUD Race, Daytona USA 2 (o for DC) and The Lost World Jurassic Park.

Game Gear: Kaitou Saint Tail, Ristar The Shooting Star, Greendog, Beavis and Butthead.

Master System: Pro Wrestling, Dick Tracy, Cyborg Hunter, Lord of The Sword, Spiderman, Kaitou Saint Tail, Gain Ground and Spy vs Spy .

Megadrive: Dynamite Duke, Awesome Possum, Xperts, Strider Returns, Double Clutch, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, World Cup Italia 90 (World Championship Soccer), Final Zone, Ballz, Super Monaco GP, Magical Hat, Thunder Force 2, Forgotten Worlds, Beast Wrestler, James Bond The Duel, Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Sub Terrania, Devil Hunter Yoko: The 7 Bells, Dynamite Headdy, Heavy Nova, Light Crusader, Shining in the Darkness, Bimini Run, James Pond (2, 3 and Aquatic Games), Crack Down, Mighty Max, Ballz, Budokan, Bonkers, Columns 3, Cosmic Spacehead, Little Mermaid, Fantasia, Garfield, Marsupilami, Doraemon, Herzog Zwei, Sword of Vermilion, Super Hydlide, Spiderman, Speedy Gonzales Cheese Cat-Astrophe, Fatal Labyrinth, Wrestle War, Barney's Hide N Seek, Kid Chameleon, Marko's Magic Football, Shining Force (1 and 2), Monster World IV, The Ooze and an alternative longplay of Golden Axe 2 (with duels).

32X: Darkxide, Metal Head and Spiderman Web of Fire.

Saturn: Myst, Riven, Street Fighter The Movie, Super Tempo, Bug, Bug Too, Dark Savior, Burning Rangers, Enemy Zero, Decathlete, Clockwork Knight, Radiant Silvergun, Dodonpachi, Virtual On, Sega Rally, Last Bronx, Swagman, Shellshock, Mr Bones, Dragon Force, Virtua Racing, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Meagamix, Shining Force 3, Story of Thor 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Saturn Bomberman, Die Hard Arcade, Rampage World Tour, Deep Fear, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Guardian Heroes.
I guess I could try a few of these.
I was planning to do Mighty Max on Megadrive... Maybe next week I start it
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