Google Translation necessary?

Last updated on 13 years ago
Is this Google Translation thing really necessary on the top of the page?
Whenever you translate something with Google, the result becomes something unbearably crappy that often you can't figure out what the text was about in the original.

My opinion is, that this option gives the site a bad name whenever it is translated into another language with this tool. On the other hand I would totally support multilingual access to, but In a good fashion way with correct translations and grammar.

Until there is no good multilingual-option, there shouldn't be any. I think almost everyone who visits this site speaks english and it's the official board language aswell.

Google simply doesn't get it right. People are still better ;-)
Yes, I agree with you, I have seen people use the option to have google translate their language, and it is terrible. It just translates the words not the difference in grammar. Not only that but not all words are even translated.
Youre right. I remove them later. But what to put there instead? It will look empty without them :lol:
You could move the member count up there and align it to center or wherever it looks best. I don't think it's a big deal if its empty. The pic will still look good.


One more thing about the translation: "German" is twice in the list.
The Google translation is gone now! Better late than never :)
I like the new header. Good job :)
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