N-Box Requests

Last updated on 7 years ago
Hello, this is my request list:

Xbox: Spyro A Hero's Tail, Grabbed by the Ghouls and Blinx (1 & 2).

Xbox 360: Perfect Dark Zero, Sonic 4 (ep 1 and 2) and Banjo & Kazoje: Nuts and Bolts.

Megadrive: Magical Hat, Dynamite Headdy, Light Crusader, James Pond 3, Kid Chameleon, X-Men and Puggsy.

Game Gear: Tails Skypatrol, Sonic Labyrinth and X-Men games.

PSX: Spyro Gateway to Glimmer and Spyro Year of The Dragon.

NES: Banana, Adventures of Lolo (2 & 3), Chubby Cherub and Wai Wai World 2.

SNES: Earthworm Jim 2, Rocky Rodent and Shien The Blade Chaser.

Game Boy: Adventures of Lolo, Game & Watch Gallery and Wario Land 2.

GBC: Wario Land 3 and Mickey's Speedway USA.

N64: Goldeneye, Killer Instinct Gold, Pilotwings 64, Mischief Makers, Banjo & Kazooje, Banjo & Tooje, Earthworm Jim 64, Conker, Yoshi's Story, F Zero X and Perfect Dark.

GBA: Super Monkey Ball jr, Ninja Five-O, Spyro Season of Ice, Spyro Season of Flame, Spyro Adventure, Shining Soul (1 & 2) and Banjo Pilot.

NDS: Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Dragon Quest IX, Pok?mon Dash, Pok?mon Ranger and Pok?mon Mistery Dungeon.

Gamecube: Super Monkey Ball (1 and 2), Paper Mario, Metroid Prime saga, Wave Race Blue Storm, F Zero GX, Zelda Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, Spyro Enter The Dragonfly, Luigi's Mansion, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Pokemon XD and Pokemon Colosseum.

Wii: Red Steel (1 and 2), Xenoblade, Pandora Tower, Super Paper Mario, The Last Story and No More Heroes.

3DS: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D.

Thank u! ;)
I've been through Wario Land II.

if I ever get a chance to buy blinx 1 & 2 i will do them
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Tsunao already covered (or is covering) Ocarina of Time 3D.
As if it wasn't bad enough already...
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