michigan: report from hell

Last updated on 15 years ago
I think this would be an awesome game to do a longplay of because its a very different and interesting game as well as having quite an intruiging story with many different scenarios as well as a few different endings depending on how you play it.

As far as im aware, it was only release in jap and pal regions and never got a usa release.

What say you?
This is an awesome game on the PS2! There are a lot of differences, and unfortunately the PAL English one is a terrible port of the JAP version. Regardless out of intrigue or comedy value of the dubbing, it would be an entertaining run.

There are, however, some complications. You are a freeroaming cameraman that films things, and the game has multiple choice paths. You can skip entire sections, kill off the reporters with you, and ultimately get 1 of 3 endings. The reporters don't affect the ending, but you can decide which one lives long enough to see you off at the final part of the game (the lighthouse).

What would you think is the best way to film this, people? Personally, I'd say to keep things interesting, keep the first reporter alive for the normal ending. Kill all the reporters for the evil ending. And keep the 2nd reporter alive and play through the rest of the game for the erotic ending. Might I add the erotic ending is unfortunately not erotic :( it just indicates what you were filming!

To boost interest..there is countless crotch filming opportunites. Oh wait, it's a PS2 game :|
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