Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

Last updated on 13 years ago
I want to see a long play of the Japanese PlayStation 2 game Super Robot Taisen 3:Shūen no Ginga he (To The End of The Galaxy). This is the last title in the Alpha series,and as such,a battle of galactic proportions takes place between our heroes and the evil forces that attempt to destroy the universe.

The games plot is told over the course of the 3 previous Alpha titles, but Alpha 3 focuses primarily on the events of the following series: Gundam SEED, Dancougar, Macross 7, Steel Jeeg, End of Evangelion, Gunbuster, GaoGaiGar, Combattler V, Voltes V, Daimos, and Ideon. However there is an overarching plot that is told over the backdrop of the various series. The game starts at the end of the "War of Seals" (see 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha) with the crew of the Ral Kalium coming upon a massive ring like structure in the Astroid Field. This Crossgate (as it is later called) causes the Excellion (which blew up at the end of the first Alpha game to take out the STMC) and its crew to reappear even though two years have passed since the end of the first Alpha. The game then gives a summary of all the events of the previous 3 games and depending on which character the player chose at the start of the game will then start the story from there. As the story progresses the Alpha numbers find themselves fighting against the Akashic Record itself to stop the complete destruction of the galaxy which is known as "Apocalypsis".

Hope to get a response anytime soon!
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