Duke Nukem 3D Request

Last updated on 13 years ago
Hi everyone this is Jack Red,
I would like to know who can do a run on Duke Nukem 3D for PC?

I would also like to see all three expansions have runs done on them as well.

Duke it out in D.C.
Duke: Nuclear Winter
Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach

Atomic Edition is just an updated version of the game therefore it doesn't count as an expansion.

I been a fan of Duke for a long time would someone do him justice by doing such a great game please.
Atomic Edition is somesort of expansio. Bcoz it adds a 4th episode to the game with an alien queen is final boss.

The longplays of the games then including all secrets :) Easter Eggs etc.

If they're going to be done, i wouldn't mind to see a longplay of Shadow Warrior either :)
I wouldn't mine either I kinda like that game sure it wasn't as good as Duke Nukem 3D or Blood but hell I still had fun with it.
I'm going to do Duke Nukem Time to Kill and Duke Nukem Land Of Babes, but not this Dukes you asked, perhaps someone else would do these ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
Oh wow I would like to see a run done on Time to Kill because that actually was my only child hood Duke Nukem game.

As for it's sequel I guess it wouldn't hurt it as well since I'm really into the character.
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