[Playstation 1] Syphon Filter

Last updated on 13 years ago
Heya guys, i have downloaded some of your longplays and found them excellent. As a lover of older games(late 90s) i loved the Ocarina of time and Mario 64 plays, great stuff. I would like to request a long play of Syphon Filter, particularly part 2, not sure if it was a very popular game around the world but i remember i played that cd till it gave in and refused to load. If its done or not thanks heaps for the long plays and keep up the good work.
I'll probably do it, if nobody else does it before me, as soon as I'm finished with LPs I'm currently doing ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
I can't wait.
I also like to see the two PSP ones (Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow) along with the PSone Trilogy.
I'll just do PSX trilogy, i don't have PSP ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
its nice to see someone wants to do a request out of the many that there isnt any replies on.
can't wait for Syphon Filter Longplays =)
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