PS1 Shadow Master (1998)

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Hello, wanna see a walkthrough of a ps1 (playstation 1) 1998 Shadow Master. (There is maybe version for a Microsoft Windows, but i am not sure about it- i played on PS1)
This game looks like ps1 Descend, but you are piloting a car, not a flying ship.

Its a first person shooter (but in a vehicle) in a sci-fiction universe. You ride through a labyrinth like levels, killing enemies (creatures with creepy disign, sometimes war machinery) with different weapons. Some levels have time limit, other is linear, where you dont have full control of your vehicle. Also bosses presented, easy killable with a specific weapons, but generic blasters will do the trick, though it would be much harder. I remeber, that this game was hard, but last time i played it - it was 20 years ago. So cant say much about secrets. I only remeber that you have to spend your weapons wisely, and most of a time use infinite blasters. Crystals (from dead enemies) recover a little bit of your health.
Story is something about 2 alien civilazations fight each other and their war has come to your home planet - so you got to stop this war for good. And one of them is lead by a shadow master - dont remeber much of it now.
Here is info from Wiki about it

If you use ps1 emulator for windows to play games - you can download this game from here -
Notable features - Creepy music. Creepy sound effects. Creepy design for monsters.

Reason for this request is - there is no complete let`s play or walkthrough on a youtube at all! But this game has its nostalgic vibe for some people. Someone needs to save internet community from such a dreadfull situation! :)
Looks interesting enough! I'll give it a try! :)
Sic Parvis Magna


Ravenlord wrote:

Looks interesting enough! I'll give it a try! :)

Nice, THX! ))
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