More Requests

Last updated on 13 years ago
Here's some more request I like to see:

The House of the Dead Arcade series- It would be awesome it would go through the whole game without contunes. I saw someone not only completed THOTD 4 on a single credit as Kate Green (P2); but got a high enough rating to get a special ending involving G from THOTD3.

Virtua Cop Series- I expece at least the third one.

Point Blank Series- It would me awesome if someone goes through at least completing the expert; at least without continues.

Time Crisis Series- I like the arcade editions better; but if you do the counsel versions instead, do special courses, I hear so much about as well.

Confidential mission- It would be great if someone completes all the objectives; espically the very last one, which determins the ending). It will be awesome if it's done without any continues.

Mega Man X series- I already know about the first one on SNES.
No completly sure about the Point Blank series.
Already seen the counsel version of the second Time Crisis and the first Virtua Cop.
The first Mega Man X games are aready covered.
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