Captain Claw (game for PC) - Underrated 2D side-scrolling platformer with a pirate cat

Last updated on 3 years ago
Best parts about this game:
- the main idea of this game is pretty unique; - has good responsive controls; - the game has a fair difficulty and it's pretty challenging to beat but also fun; - you can keep juggling the enemies after they die Grin ; - It looks great and colorful even after 24 years; - pretty good animations overall, especially for its time, colorful and fitting game backgrounds/scenery; - the main goal of the game is to collect all of the map pieces and gems from the bosses to complete the magic amulet of 9 lives; - every 2 levels you will meet new unique enemies, they get progressively harder as you advance in the game and with different attacks/gimmicks each; - every 2 levels you will also fight a boss, each boss has a different gimmick/weakness for you to take advantage of to beat it.

Quick view & gameplay of the game:
Here is a complete walkthrough of the game made by Sughero (all possible treasure that can be collected):;t=556s
Here is a great informational video about Claw made by LGR:;t=310s
The easiest way to download and play the game on Windows 10 is to go on the Claw Recluse site and download the Claw v1.4.4.4 'CrazyHook' version:

More infos here:
Claw or Captain Claw is a 2D side-scrolling platformer for the PC which was released in 1997 by Monolith, their second released game (the first one was Blood in the same year). This is the company that is now being well known for their games such as FEAR , Shadow of Mordor / War etc.
This game was never covered in the World of Longplays channel, and it's a shame in my opinion. It does deserve a full playthrough on the channel IMO Smile
The game is very underrated and it's always being neglected. Why? Well part of the reason is because simply most people never heard of it, but other people have grown up with this game as a part of their childhood (me included). Thing is, that this game was never released on Steam and GOG unfortunately, and this is why not many people have heard of it. Thankfully, the game survived 24 years thanks to the dedicated fanbase that made a website called The Claw Recluse where fans could download the game and play it, it even has a fan-made patch now to make it run better on modern hardware.
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