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Publication Date: 02/12/2019
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200 years have passed since Central Earth ended a war that began when humans made first contact with aliens. The balance of power, however, is being jeopardized by the militaristic nation VOID, which is attempting to deport all aliens from civilized society, and by the remains of the Earth Federation, the Federation Patrol. VOID is planning to wage war and take control of the galaxy, but a small battalion on the Ganymede satellite of Jupiter is being trained to resist VOID.

Star Cruiser is a mixture of a first-person shooter, a space flight simulator and a dungeon-crawling RPG, it was developed by Arsys Software and released in Japan for the PC-88 and Sharp X1 home computers in 1988. The game was released for the NEC PC-98 and Sharp X68000 computers in 1989, and then ported by Masaya (NCS) to the Mega Drive in 1990. Namco licensed the Mega Drive version of Star Cruiser for a North American release entitled Star Quest, which Namco planned to publish for the Sega Genesis in July 1994. However, the North American release of Star Quest was eventually canceled.

The game is an early example of an action role-playing game with fully 3D polygon graphics . All levels, objects, and opponents in the game are rendered in 3D polygons, years before the technique was widely adopted.

There are many small differences between the Mega Drive and the home computer versions of Star Cruiser, one of them being the fact that, in the original, enemy encounters are represented by abstract spots on the map, and the player has to touch them to be teleported into an abstract room where the battle will take place, whereas in the Mega Drive version all enemies are placed in the levels themselves. This concept was then borrowed from the Mega Drive port to be used in Star Cruiser 2: The Odysseus Project. Other things of note are the facts that the money system was removed from the Mega Drive version, and the art style is also different.