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Publication Date: 27/08/2017
YouTube Release: 18/01/2021
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Player's Review

GT24 is a Japanese only release for the Sega Saturn in 1998 and is a conversion of Super GT24 the Arcade game.

I probably spent to much time with this game (as I did with Gale racer) in an effort to try and unlock an Ending which didn't exist. The game has 3 courses bases around 1 track and offered in both forward and reverse modes. I play through all 6 races in Grand Prix mode and 24h mode. Gp mode is pretty quick and is 5-3 laps depending on course and simply requires finishing first. Completing each course in both directions unlocks a special car. Once the last car is unlocked I replay the short course just to show the fastest car in the game. 24h mode was set to 12 minute races. Default is 24min and 48minute is optional. With a cheat mode you can enable an actual 24h race ....

I play on Normal difficulty. Expert is brutal and seems initially impossible. Normal is difficult enough, especially in 24h mode as you do need to pit in every 3-4 laps for fuel which takes time. Time which the ai racers do not have to worry about as they just glide through the pit lane so your 1 lap lead can be eroded in seconds. Not to mention that the ai cars just seem to randomly pop in at times so you can lose a place without actually being taken over! Again finishing first in all 6 races will unlock the special cars. Unlocking them in one mode does not transfer them to the other. Also changing race length will remove any medals earned. Also when playing in 24h mode, you need to select a pit crew. I always choose Artisan as the Work stat I found to be very important above all else. As I've already mentioned, the ai drivers don't get stuck at pits, so you need to be in and out of there as fast as possible to stand any chance of winning.

I was hoping that completing both modes with gold medals on all 6 races would unlock an additional credits screen or something, but it was not meant to be .. I did not feel like completing all races again on expert to see if anything happens although Expert is certainly achievable now with the fastest car unlocked. I just see no indication that it would make a difference. The video shows races in an odd order as I wasn't sure what I was going to complete and show while recording and it would look odd if I changed race order during editing.

00:00:00 24h Mode, Middle Course Forward
00:19:25 24h Mode, Long course Forward
00:36:40 Grand Prix Mode, Middle Course Reverse
00:43:00 Grand Prix Mode, Long Course Reverse
00:49:05 Grand Prix Mode, Short Reverse
00:53:25 Grand Prix Mode, Short Course Forward
00:57:50 Grand Prix Mode, Middle Course Forward
01:03:45 Grand Prix Mode, Long Course Forward
01:09:48 Grand Prix Mode, Short Course Forward, Expert, Fastest Car
01:14:08 24h Mode, Short Course Forward
01:30:00 24h Mode, Middle Couse Reverse
01:47:20 24h Mode Short Course Reverse
02:03:10 24h Mode Long Course Reverse

The last car is unlocked but I didn't feel the need to show it again making the video longer. The car is dark green when using Artisan. I was expecting something to happen though with all 6 tracks having gold medals in both modes but ...nothing and ultimately unrewarding.