Prehistorik Man

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Publication Date: 22/01/2022
YouTube Release: 13/09/2022
Duration: 01:56:29
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Player's Review

Plot: 'Prehistorik Man, like its predecessor, takes place in the Stone Age. In the middle of the night, greedy dinosaurs steal all the food from a small village. With winter coming and the village inhabitants facing starvation, the Village Chief summons Sam, a young and agile villager, and tasks him with obtaining food to help the village survive the impending winter.'

This is actually the third title in the Prehistorik series (which originated on the Amiga and had a sequel for DOS), by the way this game got a port for the GBA but removing one of the last levels. There is a Game Boy game that shares the same name but it's actually a port of Prehistorik 2.

The longplay covers technically everything, including each of the four bonus levels and every location of the shops as well as the items they offer, plus that it ends with a 100% final completion rate. I'm pretty sure that percentage can also be gotten without buying anything from the shops, but I decided to buy them anyway (except for the Skip Level item) for convenience reasons.