Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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Author(s): xRavenXPxRavenXP
System: DS
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Publication Date: 22/01/2018
YouTube Release: 20/11/2021
Duration: 02:01:54
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Player's Review

This is the longplay of the game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, platform game and beat 'n up released for various consoles and for PC. This is the version of Nintendo DS, developed by Gryptonite Games and is very different from other versions, with doses of map exploration.

The story of the game is set when Spider-Man is fighting Mysterio and an accessory known as Tablet of Order and Chaos breaks into pieces and this can cause serious problems between the realities of the multiple universes of Marvel. Under the supervision of Madame Web, Spider-Man must fight to prevent Mysterio from dominating these universes, and our web head will need the help of Madame and also two other Spider-Man from different realities, who are Spider- Man Noir and Spider-Man 2099, which have different powers between them but begin to learn each other's powers as they progress through the game. The game has good voice acting and at times is narrated by Stan Lee. Played in story mode and in the difficulties Super Hero. All updrades and techniques were collected. Hope you enjoy.

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