Obscure: The Aftermath

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Publication Date: 06/03/2022
YouTube Release: 06/10/2022
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Player's Review

Developed by Hydravision and published by Playlogic and Ignition. This is some sort of survival horror game that was originally released for PS2, also that it's the sequel to the first ObsCure game (the plot is set two years after the events of the prequel). The game also got a port for the PSP as well.

Along with the main characters Stan, Shannon and Kenny (nope, not going to spoil anything that directly involves them, lol), some new people join the team as playable characters, including Corey who can reach higher places and Mei who can open certain doors that are locked by a word code.

In my opinion, this game mixes Silent Hill with some elements from the Fatal Frame games. To the point I can even say the prequel is also like that. (Personal note: Need to play that one at some point...).

The longplay covers everything that's essential for the main story, including the small keys to get some useful weapons, especially the stun gun that helps A LOT at the lurker and spider fights, making it easy to preserve some medikits and serums for later parts in the game. All the collectable documents (generic reports, pieces of notes and puzzle hints) were also found as well. There are also some wall ads/writings at the Brotherhood sections that don't add anything special to the story, though I show most of them.

Plus that I added some bonus at the end of the video: an artwork gallery that gets unlocked after fully completing the game once. The television option is a video gallery which is basically all the FMV cutscenes that are already shown in the playthrough.