Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (EGA Version)

"We named the DOG Indiana, we named YOU Henry, Jr."

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Publication Date: 08/02/2022
YouTube Release: 25/10/2022
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Player's Review

Legendary point & click adventure game from Lucasfilm. This is the original 1989 EGA version. There are multiple solutions to puzzles, different paths and five different endings. There are 800 points to be achieved in total and quite a few playthroughs are needed to get them all.

00:00:00 First playthrough. In this gameplay I avoid most of fist fights and get the best ending in the end.

02:10:58 Second playthrough. Some alternative solutions to puzzles and some fist fights too. I used savestates to complete the dogfight scene of course. I haven't met a living person that has completed the sequence of shooting down 18 planes at one go. Second best ending. This is the ending most people get when they play the game for the first time.

03:46:30 In the third part I only collect the points I missed in the previous playthroughs but I decided to show also all dialogs and fist fights with guards. The fist fight with the ticket collector in the zeppelin was one of the hardest action parts I've played in an adventure game until I found out there is a trick to beat him. All 800 points collected and the third ending is shown.

04:39:01 There are tons of fails, deaths and other cutscenes that I show in this part. I believe most people who played the game have never seen some of those, myself included. The other two endings are shown but they do not offer any points. After that, the complete credits roll.

Thanks to Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker for his great walkthrough which was very useful in some parts and of course... the hintbook released by Lucasfilm for locating some pesky points.