The 7th Guest

One of the first games to be released on CD-ROM.

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Author(s): AFigureInBlackAFigureInBlack
System: PC
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Publication Date: 07/03/2022
YouTube Release: 26/10/2022
Duration: 02:10:54
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Player's Review

The 7th Guest is one of the first games released on CD-ROM. CD players weren't so fast back then that's why animation is lagging. This game has some particularly difficult puzzles. When I first played this game I managed to solve all puzzles except two. I used the hint book for those two. For this video however, I used various guides because nobody wants to see me struggling for hours trying to solve the puzzles. I chose the best solution I could find for each puzzle, except for the portrait puzzle which took me some time to solve. After a puzzle is solved, a cutscene is triggered showing various events of the house guests. Those cutscenes are not in chronological order therefore I tried to solve the puzzles in a way that the events unfold in order, but that couldn't happen always. Supposedly, there is an alternative ending if the player cheats in the game but I couldn't verify it.

Thanks to Louis Koot and Philip Reynolds for their walkthroughs.