Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Soccer Island

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Author(s): NPINPI
System: Game Boy Advance
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 17/08/2018
YouTube Release: 30/01/2022
Duration: 03:17:28
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Player's Review

A mash of Soccer Kid and Yoshi's Island with (David?) Beckham as the protagonist. He kicks the ball and collects money, just like the real Beckham. There's nothing really to talk about this game, it's a generic platformer where you fight the enemies, collect eggs, diamonds, coins and Beckham balls.

03:04:30 I got back to the game to collect what's left. I missed 5 eggs and coins in the training levels. Which gave me nothing, no bonuses or anything.

This game is probably released unfinished.