Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase by PAL Developments and published by Hi-Tec Software in 1991

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 29/06/2021
YouTube Release: 07/04/2022
Duration: 00:26:26
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Player's Review

"Can you make it across Los Angeles from Malibu to Laguna in this wheel spinning, rubber burning, hand-break pulling, garage stopping all action game. Hop into your classic 59 Chevy Belair, with its massive V8 engine and make it from Malibu to Laguna in time to meet your girlfriend, who will be waiting for you outside Ruby's Diner."

The game plays simple enough. Fight the clock and reach the end of the stage. The cars are fairly chunky and can make it difficult to pass other cars. Collision detection can be troublesome also as it will claim you hit the sides when it really shouldn't have. When a car approaches it likely the corner will turn into the same side which will throw you to the outside unless you are quick with cornering and correction. In stage two, you can claim an auto part to upgrade the car but they never seem to do anything that's noticeable.

The race is one long continuous race made up of 4 levels each with 4 stages. The only time you stop is for the auto shop. Unlike the C64 version where the levels are broken up.

This is much better presented than the C64 version. Here on the Spectrum we have a proper loading screen, a working highscore screen as well as an ending! The developers nailed the presentation on this one and they even found a wat to colorise the player car on an otherwise monochrome track. You can see which versions got the bigger budget. The Amstrad version is better still. The C64 version appears as an afterthought to make a buck.