Beast Busters

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 27/05/2020
YouTube Release: 25/02/2021
Duration: 00:16:51
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Player's Review

Yeah, bad arcade port I guess. Runs very slow on a stock Amiga 500 (I played on a 1200).

Insanely difficult. It's impossible to not die a bunch of times. Some encounters can just take all your health in seconds. Sure, would have helped a bit running it on a standard slow Amiga 500 where things runs slooow, but even then you would 100% have died several times anyway before beating the game.

The girl you kinda rescue at 12:44 can be killed, was just 1-2 more shots on her and she would have fallen to the ground. So, even if you only kill the guy and not her, she would still die on the next screen. Normally as I wanna show as much of a game as possible, I would have killed her to show her lying down, but skipped it as I would feel bad about it Pfft, even though she is alive and then dies on the next screen. So, whether I kill her or not, the outcome is the same.

What's weird is the game has a lot of different tunes, but only one is played - the title music. I checked the music file and there's a bunch. No matter the emulated system and settings, heck even disk version (tried cracked adf, ipf and WHDLoad versions... longplayed the ipf version ofc), it still only played the title music. I checked clips of this game on YouTube from both Atari ST and Amiga versions, and none of the 5 or so Amiga clips had music (just wanted to see in case someone else managed to get it working), BUT, the ST version has music during the parts between the stages (the one with a picture and text underneath).

I've run into a case like this before - The Coin-Op version of Turtles. Only title music there as well, none elsewhere, yet the music file has a bunch of different ones. Noticed it when I wanted to listen to the title music in WinUAE.

Also, the game only requires 512kb of memory, and it's weird it refuses to work with expanded memory, like 512kb in FAST mem. So, would only run with CHIP memory, but could be any size apparently. Normally when a game is advertised to need 512kb, it would still work with that in both CHIP and FAST.