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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: Amiga 500
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 06/03/2022
YouTube Release: 16/11/2022
Duration: 01:18:36
File Size: 502.67 MB (514733.70 KB)
Downloads: 38 downloads
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Player's Review

One of those frustrating games from my childhood that I cannot get out of my head. I was going to upload my original longplay to this account but thought It needed redoing to up it to 50fps and to hopefully play better.

Here I collect all the COMIC letters and obtain all the comedy scenes from the bonus levels. Some of which I've probably never gotten before because the time limit makes it incredibly difficult to obtain them all.

Part 2 video is the Sleepwalker Special Competition Edition, a competition game released at some point. There isn't really much information about it online. It consist of only one short level where the goal is to collect as much points as you can, by collecting the bones or the (I think) smiley faces. I also tried to collect all the "COMIC" letters, but apparently the letters I and C are missing!