Beach Volley

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 27/07/2019
YouTube Release: 19/02/2021
Duration: 00:33:51
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Player's Review

Was gonna upload a series again, like I just did with Robot Reader, but just like with Robot Reader, this new series is also shit, so upping some more quality games first, like Beach Volley.

kinda hard game, easy to get game over. Either the other team gets to 7 points first, or time runs out. I learned a bit later on that jump-shooting the ball in the upper right corner quite often gets a goal. Was still hard to get 7 points on each level. A couple of them took like 20-30 mins to beat. I just suck, I guess Smile

When the other team serve, they never jump and hit the ball like I do, they just toss it up a short distance and then hit it. I can do the same, but what I can't do is to throw it as low as they do. When I do it it goes much higher up. Dunno if it's possible to do it low like they do. Everything I tried only resulted in the ball going high up.

The reason the other dude fails in the small animations is because it's the second player, and as I play in one player mode, he gets fucked up so he can't come with me Smile (but in some of them he does follow me all the way, but gets messed up). In two player mode you get to enter your names, which will be added to a leader board so you can compete who has the most points and stuff.

14:40 - Had to hurry up getting the last goal, as 2 more sec and time would be up = game over. No continues, it resets from level 1.

16:02 - Nice glitch. They scored on me, but I got the point Smile