Relics of Deldroneye 2: Island of Debreen (Public Domain)

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 1200
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Additional Info: Public Domain
Publication Date: 28/08/2020
YouTube Release: 18/11/2022
Duration: 01:03:33
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Player's Review

The best one of the three, IMO. Especially the much shorter intro. The other two had so much text, bleh. This one only lasted like 2.5 mins (or 2 mins if skipping the last golden text part), and had some nice graphics and speech during it, not just walls of text.

Could have used some subtitles during the speech in the outro, like the into had.

I don't like how BIG the font is for the status thingy in the middle of the screen. If the game is started wrong so fonts can't do their thing (as it does stuff to them in the startup-sequence), the middle text is small and much better, but the gap is still just as big. I kept thinking this is not how it's supposed to be, but apparently it is. Another thing that kinda seem weird is the first two sequences, they go by so quick, but also that seem to be what's intended.

The game and/or its manual might say the game require an A1200 with 2mb chip (some places on the internet even say AGA chipset is required - hi, Hall of Light!), but all 3 of these 'Relics of Deldroneye' games work on any Amiga with 2mb chip. So no AGA or KS3.X is really needed. But yeah, I can see why they tagged them as "A1200", as Amiga0/500+/600 "generally" can't have 2mb chip.