The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers, C64 conversion by 221b Software and published by Titus Software in 1991

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 10/03/2021
YouTube Release: 13/02/2023
Duration: 00:27:37
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Player's Review

"Back by popular demand, the Blues Brothers are out to conquer the stage one more time. To an upbeat rhythm you set off across town to retrieve your stolen instruments... but it ain't that easy. You've got to escape from prison, swim through the catacombs, and shoot to the upper heights of the big city before you can start that concert. Creating constant chaos and confusion, you encounter Marilyn, the hot-tempered waitress, Isosceles, the prison warden and Bob, the burnt-out hippie... Get ready to play the Blues!"

I first encountered this game as freebie on a Commodore Force covertape. One of the few times a game I didnt already own. I had played it a couple of times on a friends Amiga. While the game lacks a little in presentation, once you start playing it does feel like a proper platform game and does resemble its bigger 16bit counterpart. I don't feel its pushing the C64 in any way and it does have an odd framerate that gives me a headache after only a short time. But the game is all there and the artwork is quite good if a little sparse in places. There are 3 blues brothers tunes that sound graet and interchange through the game.

Its a good C64 game and I haven't got many bad things to say about it. You do need to know where the enemies appear as they will often fire at you the moment you appear in the sights, before they have even been fully drawn on screen which can be costly. Crates are spread-out all over the place but there are not to many enemies to worry about. I do think its an easier game than the Amiga version. A proper ending that doesn't simply wrap to the character select screen would have felt more rewarding. even a credits screen would have been welcome.

00:00:00 - Level 1
00:04:40 - Level 2
00:08:08 - Level 3
00:13:43 - Level 4
00:17:45 - Level 5
00:25:38 - Level 6