Hammerfist, developed by Vivid Images and published by Activision in 1990.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 02/06/2022
YouTube Release: 14/02/2023
Duration: 00:45:41
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Player's Review

THE REVOLUTION BEGINS. 2245AD - The people are no longer free. Their lives and destines are controlled by a powerful corporate body, Centro-Holographix, that seizes suitable humans for transformation into holographic images, indistinguishable from their sold counterparts. Their unknowing minds and holographic bodies are programmed to perform any task the Masters should require. Two of the deadliest, Hammerfist and Metalisis were ready for assignment; to dispense death and destruction under the evil instruction of Centro-Holographix. They were political puppets, dangerous and skilled murderers who followed their binary politics to the letter - their masters didn't even consider the possibilities of a malfunction ... especially one that would turn Hammerfist and Metalisis against the hand fed them ... SO BEGINS THE REVOLUTION"

A game with an interesting concept. Controlling two characters with different abilities to make it through each screen, swapping character at anytime depending on the situation. However the controls can be annoying as well as the enemies that are constantly respawning and swarm over you. The game is similar to the Spectrum and Amstrad versions with the addition of music and sfx however there are some differences between the versions. The game does have Music or SFX which can be toggled with F1

Hammerfist has a .. Piston fist and laser weapon that you can swap between any time depending on the situation. Metalisis can jump and reach high platforms as well as kick ass. Hammerfists abilities need to be charged by collecting the L and P powerups. Powerups are being dropped all the time as well as Energy E . Skulls are bad and reduce your energy. However leaving any powerups to disintegrate will give the energy to the Master which make all power up drops into skulls for a duration. F5 and F7 toggles the different modes. Dotted around each level are energy refill stations discuissed as lights you might otherwise shoot at. You can backtrack any time to farm powerups and refill energy.

Overall, there is a good game to be had here with great art work but challenging to play made more so by the controls. So easy to accidently swap characters at the worst of times. I think there was a missed opportunity for each level having its own music to give some variety. Presentation is a lot like First Samurai even sharing the same title screen music. If you die you will restart on the current loaded level.

00:00:00 Title Music
00:03:08 Level 1
00:13:00 Level 2
00:23:35 Level 3
00:33:22 Level 4