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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: PlayStation 4
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Publication Date: 30/04/2019
YouTube Release: 10/01/2023
Duration: 08:11:31
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Player's Review

Metroidvania-y game by Konjak. A SOLE PERSON WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING A GAME! An awesome game, might I add.

Follow [cute] mechanic Robin as she...gets messed by a tweak!

Instead of doing copy-pasting, for this longplay, I play from a new Game+ (on Standard) and decided to change it up a bit from the other longplays of this game: this time, I go through the game with the Roulette tweak, where it does a random thing now and then, from making the world dark to making Robin walk to making Robin shoot gun repeatedly. What I gut, no one knows. I don't skip cutscenes. But when I think about it, I should have. Not 100%, but I do at least fight all bosses and get 3 sunflowers.

Ya know, despite not getting 100% and playing from NG+, you'd think the playthrough would be shorter. Much shorter.