Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu (Fan Translation)

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System: Nintendo Entertainment System
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 06/02/2020
YouTube Release: 22/04/2021
Duration: 01:08:45
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Player's Review

Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu (Go For It, Goemon! A Tricky Journey) is the second game of the Goemon/Legend of the Mystic Ninja series by Konami (the first being Mr. Goemon) that spoofs the real-life depiction of Japanese thief Goemon Ishikawa. In this story some leader's picking on the people, and Goemon decided to put a stop to that.

After you play through the game, the game repeats itself by making it harder and changing the name of the province you're in, but since it's basically going through the game over and over again on harder difficulties, common sense told me to stop right after meeting with the emperor.