River City Girls (2 Players)

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Switch
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Publication Date: 29/06/2020
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Duration: 11:54:35
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Player's Review

Beat 'em up by WayForward.

Follow schoolgirls Kyoko and Misaki as they beat up everyone in River City to find their boyfriends. Hilarious adventure ensues.

Gameplay involves, well, punching things. Can also guard and use special attacks. There's also a level up system and eating things from shops give you stat buffs. Oh, and the game is pretty hard. Gotta play a BIT safe.

This co-op longplay is a blind blind-op (he insisted on it!) on Normal difficulty. Buddybro is Player 1. I'm Player 2. We struggle heaps on a clean file on Normal, trying to figure out how the game ticks while struggling to figure out how to get all statues, and then we NG+ for more beating up (and collecting cats), then we do ONE more go on Loiter mode showcasing the Bunny and Tank pin. At one point, he messed up and chose NG+ so he had to replay the game off-camera and finish this thing a few days later.

Game was recorded BEFORE the reworked ending patch. WELL before it!