Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

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Publication Date: 29/11/2020
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Player's Review

RPG by Camelot.

Set 30 years after the events of The Lost Age, follow the children of the Warriors of Vale as they set out on a simple adventure to get a lousy feather.

Gameplay is the usual Golden Sun stuffs: turn-based, have Djinns to use, summons, puzzles, all that stuffs. Unleashes have been changed dramatically: weapons can have multiple unleashes and the only way to get them unlocked is by getting weapon mastery exp. Since unleashes are random, weapons like Sol Blade and Excalibur aren't so broken.

This longplay SLOWLY goes through the game while getting every Djinns, Summons, and Encyclopedia entries. I originally didn't want to do that, but I decided to stick in there. Sun Saga is read a little bit later into the game after getting all 5 books. Lots of battling aplenty and a little grind at the end of the game to learn Pure Wish because last boss is a pain. There's audio problems due to emulator (crackling noise here and there). Not much I can do about it....unless I record from my 3DS.