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Publication Date: 13/01/2021
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Super Mario Strikers (also known as Mario Smash Football in Europe and Australia) is Mario's first ever soccer game, and the final Mario release for the Nintendo GameCube and the first game in the Mario Strikers series. The game features a version of soccer without referees and rules, and has Power-Ups and special strikes which count as two goals. Its sequel, Mario Strikers Charged was released for the Wii in 2007.

This was the last Mario game released for the Nintendo GameCube in Japan and North America. In Europe and Australia, Mario Party 7 holds this distinction.

Developed was the game by Next Level Games which were bought/absorbed by Nintendo in January 2021, the company from Vancouver in Canada is also known for the sequel Mario Strikers Charged, the Punch-Out reboot on Wii, Luigis Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) + 3 and the not so good Metroid Prime: Federation Force on 3DS.

The Longplay goes through all four normal cups - Mushroom, Flower, Star & Bowser! This Longplay is also a test with multiple movies on Dolphin Emulator 5.0, more in my Tutorial on the WoL website.