Cinema Eikaiwa: This Boy's Life

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Publication Date: 19/02/2021
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A single mother and her difficult son find family life isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be in this drama adapted from writer and professor Tobias Wolff's 1989 memoir of the same name. Nomadic, flaky Caroline (Ellen Barkin) just wants to settle down in one place, find a decent guy, and provide a better home for her handful of a son, Toby (Leonardo DiCaprio). When she moves to Seattle and meets the respectful, respectable Dwight Hansen (Robert DeNiro), she thinks she's got it made. Toby, however, feels differently after spending a few months with Dwight and his children and away from Caroline.

PS1 Longplay Cinema Eikaiwa: This Boy's Life allows the player to watch the film with english & japanese subtitles (the movie is the original with English voice acting), and the player can also change the subtitles languages and use the dictionary to see the explanation of each word.

The game got also other modes like the program lesson in which the player can select the scenes that he wants to watch and practice english, and there is also the sound only mode, in which the player can see the different dialogues and listen to the pronuntiations.

Interesting thing is that this was released back when there were no movies on DVD and digital movies were not really a thing, so it is cool to see actual movie being released on consoles in digital format.