Quest 64

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 28/02/2021
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Player's Review

RPG by Imagineer.

Follow a kid as he goes on a journey to find his father and some musty dangerous book.

Gameplay is turn-based RPG: you and enemy duke it out in an octagon-y...NON-ROUND!...arena. Enemy attacks? There's a chance you can dodge the attack. There's also grinding, where actions determine which EXP you get: get hit? get more HP. use magic? get more MP. get hit? get more defense. Walk around? get more agility. There's also spirits, where increasing an element gives you more general power (staff whacks) and better magic. Sadly, as much as the game was kinda hyped up...I think? kinda failed to deliver and supposedly there was more stuff to be added into the game, but was never done.

This longplay staff whacks and magic casts while getting hit!...and getting all overworld spirits...I think...and getting 50 in all elements because I can. Because I wasn't having ANY of this game, I decided to show a few glitches, like Death dupe (get lots of spirits during game over), Return dupe (cast Exit/Return to get a few spirits), and a SMOL amount of Agility glitch (get loads of Agility EXP through mashing to skip turn). To make things a BIT fair on death dupe, I pumped the spirits into wind magic because they overall blow (HA!) (except Wind Cutter 3 and Large Cutter) and don't use those until Blue Cave (because bump Blue Cave). There will be points where I grind out a few enemies (aka taking blows), but that's only if the enemy casts Wind Cutter 2/3 or Homing Arrow 1/2. I need to power up somehow. A bit of grinding done before last few dungeons, but it was edited out.