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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 02/05/2021
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Player's Review

Mega Phoenix arcade conversion, Developed by Creepsoft and published by Dinamic in 1991.

"The metallic birds attack again. With them fly the MEGAPHOENIX, gigantic winged ships loaded with deadly proton eggs. No longer are you defenseless: your shield of force is complemented by lateral guns and a frontal turbolaser... but you still need the experience of the best pilot in the galaxy."

Dinamic pushed out lots of games for the 8/16 bit home computers. There were some game where you can see lots of effort went into the Spectrum/Amstrad versions but the C64 versions all tended to be ... lacking. And it no different for this game. While the game is fine for what it is, the presentation is really lacking. No loading screen, no Highscore screen and no ending. Well ok, I cant fault it for being endless as most arcade games usualy are, but without a highscore screen, the experience isn't very rewarding. The music on the title screen is nice enough though.

One unusual aspect of this game is that the game uses bar more of the Overscan area (border) than usual which can cause the score to be cut off from the bottom of the screen. Not an issue for monitor users that can just adjust the screen height, but on a tv it can become an issue. This is the only game I've encountered that does this.

In the longlay I progress through the four stages until you defeat the end boss / space ship and go through the game again only slightly more difficult and with an additional weapon powerup (if collected at the end of stage 3). These powerups make things so much easier and you don't lose any of them when losing a life. Once I have collected all weapon powerups, the game rewards lives instead. As the game is endless, at this point I let lives be burned up until I get a game over and end the longplay.

Overall then, the game plays just fine if a little easy once you start collected powerups. It would have made a nice budget release but I wouldn't have wanted to pay full price for the big box version. The C64 version does look to be lacking though in just about everything when compared to the other 8 bit releases.