Rollcage Stage II

Rollcage Stage II, Developed by Attention to Detail Limited and Psygnosis. Published by Midway in the year 2000 for the US Region.

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Player's Review

"65 Circuits including 25 scramble & 3 pursuit Tracks. 12 deadly weapons featuring Tazer Ram and Stasis Beam with 12 additional weapon upgrades to win. 20 Indestructible cars to choose from with customizable paint jobs. 16 totally different types of game including Campaign, Pursuit, Demolition & Survivor modes. 5 new leagues ensuring unlimited long lasting gameplay experience. Introducing all new combat environments. Experience the mayhem of Rubble Soccer arena."

Rollcage, often thought of as Wipeout on wheels was a successful game and rightly deserved a sequel. What could go wrong. Just make more tracks, more weapons and more wall grinding. More explosion's! Well it turns out it can!

I really enjoyed the original Rollcage. It came out at the right time after three successful wipeout game it was time for something different and Rollcage was it. From beginning to end, it had the right amount of challenge and gameplay without outstaying it welcome. However for Stage II, it seems more of the same was enough and the the game was filled with every idea that came up during the initial development meeting. The courses seem somehow smaller and more tightly packed making it really difficult to actually race. Sure combat is the aim of the game especially with its new Total racing race mode but the ai racers always seem just out of reach of any weapon you have yet they have no problem battering you given half the chance. All the extra content seems to be about time records which are just boring to me. The game does seem obsessed with track time records overall though and is another mark against the game.

There are 3 race campaigns each being more difficult than the last. About 52 races total i think and completing these should have been enough. But no there's more!. 15 training tracks and 25 scramble tracks. Some of these will drive you mad going for the trophy's but just know that you only need bronze times to win. Then there's all th other random modes like Time, trial, all tracks, arcade, destruction with some being 2 player only such as pursuit and ruble soccer. Non of these modes will unlock anything.

Overall, it's still a good game, just not as good as the first for me. Back in 1999 I was a little disappointed with stage Ii as the unlock requirements could be overly challenging which is probably why I still have a lower opinion about the game today. The game still looks great today with a lot less motion blurring going on. The Outro animations feel a bit cheap as they are just variations of the Intro and not satisfactorily rewarding.

In this longplay I show how to unlock everything while completing the main campaign modes. I add one time trial at the end to show off mega Speed Mode. Spoilers, it true to it's name.. Winning every track in each campaign will unlock a car skin. In the Type III Master Campaign, as long as Type I and Type II cars have been found then a Smiley face collectable can be found and a Type III car skin will be rewarded for collecting them. It is not required to win every race. Combat tracks are also unlocked along the way winning every race in Type I and Type II Typhoon and Hurricane Leagues.

The Training modes are shown all Gold times but only Bronze is required for the unlock. Scramble is also Mostly gold. Just one track (Winter Wonderland II) I just could not find the correct method for a Gold time. Again only Bronze is required for the Unlock reward.

00:00:00 - Typhoon League - Type I Campaign (Total Racing)
00:13:15 - Hurricane League - Type I
00:24:00 - Tornado League- Type I (Demolition 1p Mode unlocked)
00:35:00 - Cyclone League - Type I (Pursuit Mode, All tracks unlocked)
00:47:15 - Typhoon League - Type II Campaign (Classic Racing)
00:58:50 - Hurricane League - Type II
01:10:40 - Tornado League - Type II (Demolition Mode 2p unlocked)
01:23:17 - Cyclone League- Type II
01:35:11 - Aurora - Type II (Unlocks Survivor mode)
01:49:58 - Aurora League - Type II - Mirror Mode (unlocks ATD Best Lap cars Time Trial)
02:00:20 - Training (All Bronze - Unlocks Rubble Soccer)
02:10:00 - Scramble (All Bronze - Unlocks Mega Speed Time trial)
02:39:00 - Typhoon - Type III Campaign (Total Racing)
02:50:30 - Hurricane League- Type III
03:02:05 - Tornado League - Type III
03:14:05 - Cyclone League - Type III
03:25:25 - Aurora League - Type III (All cars unlocked)
----------- Game fully Unlocked -------------
03:40:23 Bonus Awards screen and a quick look at Mega Speed