Crisis City

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 03/12/2021
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Duration: 04:56:40
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Player's Review

A Japan-only stealth game that is pretty similar to Syphon Filter, but made more arcade-ish. You get to choose between seven characters, each with different dialogue though the plot is the same for all of them. After completing the game, an Extra option is unlocked, which is basically the same Story mode but with higher difficulty (though all dialogues and the story text for each character are entirely absent in that mode).

00:00:24 -- Intro
00:02:23 -- Prologue
00:08:43 -- Ralf's playthrough
00:48:57 -- Pamela's playthrough
01:27:11 -- Gerard's playthrough
02:03:50 -- Ruth's playthrough
02:41:54 -- Ewan's playthrough
03:21:58 -- Alicia's playthrough
04:00:07 -- Christie's playthrough
04:38:01 -- Extra Mode